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Homaider Electric Fondue Pot

Homaider Electric Fondue Pot

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Homaider Electric Fondue Maker is a perfect party piece for any social occasion. The elegant design of fondue will be look great in any interior. It will soon become your family first choice for parties, date nights and get-togethers. Just like your favorite restaurants, the Fondue Set features a heated electric base to melt both cheese & chocolate.

The fondue pot itself is non-stick and heat resistant which makes it safe to use on any worktop. Move the fondue maker to the heart of the party for even greater entertainment. With Homaider Electric Fondue, you won’t need to worry about anything. It’s safe, easy to use, works great, heats fast, easy to clean!

Easy to set up and use

1. To turn on the fondue maker, set the thermostat to the medium temperature

2. Place the fondue mix ingredients into the fondue pot according to the chosen recipe

3. Set the thermostat temperature to low once the mixture is of smooth consistency

4. Dip the chosen ingredients into the mix and enjoy


  • Perfect party piece: suitable for eight people, 8 forks included
  • Easy to use - simple instruction with recipes included
  • Heats fast and doesn’t burn - thermostat and non-stick coating
  • Safe - BPA FREE
  • High power - 800 Watt, 2-quart capacity
  • Easy to clean the detachable parts
  • Worktop safe


The pot is made out of BPA FREE steel with non-stick coating! The main body is covered with durable plastic.

Shipping & Returns

Main shipping conditions apply. For the U.S located customers:
• Dispatched within 24-48 hours
• Shipping time - 2-4 business days
• Our warranty policy covers this product for 12 months

Dimensions & Weight

8.78 x 8.7 x 8.27 inches
3.83 lbs

Care Instructions

The removable pot is dishwasher safe. Please do not immerse the main body of the fondue pot in water!

Product Guides & Manuals

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Enjoying an evening filled with delicious fondue and great conversation will be easy by the fondue maker’s simple plug-in operation, thermostat with temperature control and convenient cool-touch handles! You won’t need to worry about anything!
Planning a holiday celebration, anniversary dinner, or family party? HOMAIDER electric fondue is the best decision! It serves up to eight people, has a 2-quart capacity, eight colored dipping forks and recipes included!
Make your favorite delicious fondue at home! The power of the electric fondue maker is 800W, it heats fast and is suitable for any kind of fondue: chocolate, cheese, oil, broth, wine and more!
This Fondue Maker is controlled with a single thermostat switch which maintains a consistent temperature of the fondue mix for as long as needed!
Our fondue is made up of several detachable parts. The fondue pot itself has a non-stick coating that prevents chocolate and cheese from sticking to it. Also pot is dishwasher-safe! So you won't have efforts with cleaning!
The fondue maker is made out of high quality materials and BPA FREE! Also we offer an extended 1-year cover period and are happy to assist you anytime. Use with confidence!