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Electric Salt and
Pepper Grinder
It's easy to grind spices and add to a dish with one hand!
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Modern Appliances And Kitchen Accessories Of International Level, Available To Millions Of Consumers All Over The World!
Electric Fondue Pot
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Electric Knife
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Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set
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Works great for this novice
«Temp control works great have only used 2 times but worked great on chocolate and cheese mix first time I’ve done this and it worked great for me»
Great product!!
«Great new product! Keeps the food hot for a long period of time. Would recommend to anyone who likes to enjoy dipping food!»
Easy family food friendly
«I love how easy it was for me and my kids to use for a fun family dessert night! Fairly simple to clean»
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Homaider is a trusted brand from the UK! We develop modern appliances and kitchen accessories of international level, available to millions of consumers all over the world!

Each product is created by a team of developers, who try to take into account all wishes of customers. We value the voice of our customers, and it really does matter!

We don’t look out for a one-time sale. The goal of our company is to maintain a long-term relationship and be a reliable assistant for each of our customers in solving their tasks!

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