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Homaider Electric Knife

Homaider Electric Knife

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When compared to another electric knife, Homaider Electric Knife is faster, safer, more convenient and easier to use. Instead of struggling to slice a Thanksgiving turkey or a bread loaf, you can now enjoy your time in the kitchen and create perfectly even slices effortlessly with the help of this electric knife.

Two removable blades that we included in the package will allow you to easily cut through a variety of products including meat, frozen products, bread, cake, fruits and vegetables. Use a serving fork to make your cutting experience even more seamless.

Why serrated stainless steel blades?

The serrated stainless steel blades that we selected for this product are very sharp and durable, ensuring that you make restaurant quality slices in no time. Because the blades are so sharp you don’t even need to apply sawing motion or pressure when cutting - the knife will do the job for you.


  • Fast and easy slicing
  • Easy to hold - ergonomic design, small separate handle and convenient power button
  • Low noise and vibration - the power of the blades is regulated by the force of pressing the button
  • Safe to use - doesn’t slip, has dual safety lock
  • Serrated Stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean - serving fork and two special blades included


The blades are made out of durable, serrated stainless steel!
The main body of the electric knife is made out of sturdy plastic.

Shipping & Returns

Main shipping conditions apply. For the U.S located customers:
• Dispatched within 24-48 hours
• Shipping time - 2-4 business days
• Our warranty policy covers this product for 12 months

Dimensions & Weight

8.46 x 2.48 x 4.92 inches
2.07 lbs

Care Instructions

The blades are dishwasher safe. Please do not immerse the main body of the electric knife in water!

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